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If something can be done (made) and it is significantly smaller than CERN hadron collider, then there is a remarkable probability that this thing can be done yourself.

This website is my contribution back to the maker culture information space. Because I love reading about what other crazy experimenters have made or failed or tested out.

(By the way, if you speak Estonian, I might have some different content in that part of the website.)

If 12V drill batteries die and you are lucky to have a spare old car battery ...

Need more buttons on Arduino / ATtiny than there are pins left? If you have an extra analog input, you can attach more than one button to that with voltage divider setup. This tiny library helps to read that kind of input.

Tiny simple library that reads button inputs in a debounced way (eliminates noise and unsure states). Adding lots of buttons is effortless.

Code and schematics for a basic LED clock that shows hours, minutes and seconds in binary-coded-decimal.